Riding Lessons for Adults and Children

Horse Boarding

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Equestrian Center

The Flying G Ranch is a full service equestrian center, offering riding lessons, trail riding, and full service boarding. We have approximately 30 school horses available for lessons, and a 22 stall barn with indoor and outdoor riding arenas. We also have some of the best trail riding in eastern Oklahoma.

Riding Lessons for Adults and Children

The Flying G Ranch offers an unparalleled riding lesson experience!

Horsemanship skills, team work, and fun are the most important factors in all our lessons. Experienced instructors use only positive methods with students and each student is allowed to progress at their own rate, you will find no pressure here! Our school horses are trustworthy and kind so every rider can have a great ride. To keep learning fun lessons include lots of instructed riding time plus games, barrel races, pole bending, and the always popular trail rides. Instead of hours riding in circles our riders enjoy a variety of activities designed to increase their horsemanship skills, build camaraderie, and instill a love of horses and riding. Riders of all skill levels, ages 7 years and older are welcome, and riders must be at least 48 inches tall.

Lessons are held in all weather in one of our three riding locations, the large outdoor arena, our indoor arena, or on our miles and miles of trails.

Our lessons are for riders who are committed to riding at least once a week on a weekly basis. Lessons are two hours long, with a minimum of 1 hour of time in the saddle. Students learn safe ground handling skills while they enjoy grooming their mounts before each ride. Students learn how to properly tack up a horse and how to properly cool off and untack their mounts when the lesson is over.

Also popular are our Half/Half lessons with 30 minutes of arena time and a 30 minute trail ride.

Lessons cost: $50 per lesson (group).

* Please call or email us to make a reservation. *

Lessons are held year round. Please call us for the current lesson schedule. If you cannot make your scheduled lesson, please note that we require 24 hours advance notice of cancellation of a scheduled lesson, or the rider will owe the cost of the lesson.

We operate under the Oklahoma Livestock Activities Liability Limitations Act. To view the particulars of this act, please follow this link. Please note: all riders under 18 must a helmet, but we highly recommend all riders wear a helmet (helmets are provided); all riders must wear boots or shoes with a heel, and appropriate clothing for the weather; double-riding is not permitted; and we cannot accomodate pregnant riders.

Horse Boarding

A view of the barn, the indoor arena, and the round pen.

Give your horse the good life by living year round at that Flying G Ranch. Situated in the rolling hills of Sand Springs, near the Arkansas River, the Flying G Ranch offers horse boarding on the 2000 acre ranch. Horses enjoy access to acres and acres of turnout including the pastures, woods, creeks and ponds that dot the property. Our varied terrain and large open pasture makes for strong minds and bodies. Horses at the Flying G receive the very best in boarding care.

The Flying G Ranch is a functional cattle ranch so there is lots of activity on the ranch. Horses are not only checked over during feedings but the level of activity on the ranch allow us to monitor the horses throughout the day. The family lives on the ranch and the proprietor's house is adjacent to the horse pasture and barn area allowing even greater monitoring of the horses activities.

The outdoor riding arena.

While the horses enjoy life on the ranch, you will enjoy our outstanding riding amenities. All boarders have access to our large outdoor arena (with excellent sand footing), our enclosed, well lit, indoor arena (with manufactured sand footing), and our solid walled and safe round pen. Don't like to be fenced in? Enjoy our miles and miles of well maintained trails. From easy short trails to long trails that will test you, and your horses, trail riding skills, the trails at the Flying G are legendary.

All horse boarding includes:

One of the many pastures.

Horse Board: $400 monthly, 24 hour turn out.

Boarded horses are allowed free access the the large horse pasture, and the smaller associated pastures 24 hours a day. Horses are all brought inside the barn twice daily for morning and evening feedings. All horses are fed individually, in box stalls, to make sure every horse gets to eat in peace. This allows us two chances each day to check over each horses condition. During the winter months horses on 24 hour turn out have access to unlimited hay, provide in multiple round bales in addition to the two grain feedings per day.

Please contact Arron to arrange for boarding. You will need to complete the Release Form and the Horse Boarding Agreement Form, and send them to: Flying G Ranch, P.O. Box 364, Sand Springs, Oklahoma, 74063.